1 Day Luxor


Luxor - The City of Palaces

Luxor, the legendary „Thebes". In the year 2000 before Christ it became the capital of the Egyptian empire. Like all the ancient cities of Egypt, Thebes was divided into the Empire of the Living, on the the eastside of the Nile, and the Empire of the Death, on the westside of the Nile. On the eastside of the Nile, today's City of Luxor, temples, the rooms of the Pharaoh and the regular houses of the population were situated. The westside of the Nile was dedicated to the funerary cult.

We pick you up at the stipulated time, arround 5am, in your hotel or villa and carry you in a fancy airconditioned microbus or hardtop. Arriving in Luxor, you will find our Egyptian, but German speaking guide. Our guide accompanies you during the whole day and does not leave any question regarding the Egyptian history unreplied.

We will not take you to papyrus, parfum or alabaster fabrications, as it is usually done. You will have all the time you need for sightseeing. It is up to you to define your own rythm.

Let us give you a hint: Take a cushioned pad from your hotel or villa with you. Doing so, you will be able to sleep during the 3 1/2 hours drive and reach Luxor in a fresh and relaxed mood. Cooled drinks are served during the entire day. In the evening our experienced and cautious driver will take you back home again.

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  • visit of the Valley of Kings and the famous Tombs of the Pharaohs
  • visit of Hatshepsut's Temples and the Queen's impressive mortuary temple
  • visit of the colossi of Memnon, massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III
  • experience the fascination of the river Nile and the history-charged past of this country, while floating for half an hour in your own boat
  • lunch in an Egyptian upper class restaurant, in an oriental atmosphere
  • visit of the Karnak Temple, which had been dedicatet to the God Amun. An impressive witness of pharaohnian architecture.

Request 1 Day Luxor

Request 1 Day Luxor