Good to Know...

Many people are afraid of driving a quad ... do not be afraid: it is really simple! A quad possesses an automatic gear box. The accelaration is controled by your right thumb on the handlebar. Brakes are controlled in the same way as on a bike or a scooter.

Very important!!!

♦ You will be supervised and introduced, as the security and a good feeling on the quad are very important ... it shall be fun! 

♦ We are strictly moving in lines, keeping enough distance to our front man.

♦ Quadtours are no catwalk, but a very dusty matter. You will need to change after the tour, so take extra clothes with you and bring trousers to protect your legs from the hot engine.

♦ Take sunglasses you do not mind getting ruined. Your front man will cover you all in sand and stones!

♦ Get a ghutrah to protect yourself from sun, sand and dust! If needed you can by this scarf from the tour guide or in the city (about 3 to 5 Euros).

Jeep–Quad Safari „Scheherazade“


... Fun factor including the country and its people

At 12.30 noon our experienced driver, Hassan, will pick you up with our jeep. The safari "Scheherazade" has a German and English-speaking tour guide. She will accompany you throughout the whole tour.

Thanks to the jeep, standing exclusively to your personal disposal, you will not suffer mass tourism, but explore the dessert on your own and truely feel its silence. 

Before the jeep safari begins, we are going to experience adventure by cruising through the arabic dessert with quads. There is no need of prior knowledge. We start the engines and drive through the hot sand for 45 minutes. You can ride the quad on your own or in pairs. Children up to twelve years take a seat behind an adult.

After this we will drive through the Arabic dessert. In top of the most beautiful dunes we will stop and let you enjoy the marvellous view. Experience the fata morgana; it is unbelievable how much this dessert shows us. Let us visit the Beduines of Oma Garia and be guests in a different world for some hours.

As soon as we reach the beduin camp, they will serve us the traditional welcome tea in the shelter of a tend. Our tour guide is going to tell you about the life and the traditions of the desert people. She will answer all your questions. Together we will visit the camp and you can taste fresh-baked bread, the women have baked for you and see how their deep well is built.

Enjoy a ride through the dunes, on a camel's back; you will fell as if you were in a different world.

Dawn is astonshing: sun rays brake like prangs over the top of the mountains. While the beduins are preparing a rich buffet for us.

On our way back we stop in the middle of the desert and enjoy the exceptional spangled sky, which is so fascinating only above the desert.

We guarantee that you will never forget this view.

Price: EUR 70.00 per person; starting from4 participants EUR 60.00 per person.
Surcharge for transfer: El Gouna, Makadi Bay und Sal Hasesh EUR 5.00, Safaga und Soma Bay EUR 10.00

Surcharge for transfer from Marsa Alam on request.

Jeep–Quad Safari „Cleo“ an alternative to our safari „ Scheherazade“, we offer you our jeep quad safari „Cleo“.

We will pick you up at 1 pm with our jeep.

You and your group will experience the Arabic desert; visit a replica of a beduin camp; taste the traditional beduin bread and listen to fascinating stories of the beduins.

You will ride through the desert on a camel's back and cruise on quads for half an hour.

After an astonishing dawn that reaches the top of the mountains, you are going to enjoy a barbecue and genuine Arabic belly dance.

Price: EUR 45.00 per person
Surcharge on transfer: El Gouna, Makadi Bay und Sal Hasesh EUR 5.00, Safaga und Soma Bay EUR 10.00

Surcharge on transfer from Marsa Alam on request.

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