...the other way of holiday!


We offer you a memorable holiday with German professionalism, in combination with the way of life of your holiday destination.

Our various impressions and observations which we made again and again in our numerous holidays abroad, we came to the idea of "Fair Holiday". If you would like to get to know country and people, you only have two choices:

You can join a tour group. At first you will be pushed with many other tourists from sight to sight at a quick pace and in the end you stop at a gift shop or a evening event with cheap wine and poor food. All this has nothing to do with traditional culture and taste but reminds us more of a promotional trip.

The other option is, you go on a trip on your own. Depending on the country, language barriers make preparations very time-consuming but also lead to problems during your stay. Furthermore some areas are due to security reasons not recommended for travelling. And: often you have the feeling that someone just sold us a pup.

Therefore: Holiday makers who prefer an individual holiday instead of an "all-inclusive" holiday and are interested in getting to know people and culture far away from tourist droves, will make the right choice with "Fair Holiday ...  Apartments & more".

Andreas Diefenbach with all Fair Holiday Partners


„Fair Holiday“ stands for fairness:

  • in fairness to our guests
  • in fairness to our business partners
  • in fairness to the country


Overnightstays with Fair Holiday

We offer accomodation options at German partners who have been living in the country for awhile and take you by the hand to show you an individual holiday according to your wishes.

All accomodation partners offer the following VIP Service:

  • roundtrip to the airport (airport-accomodation-airport)
  • German speaking contact person
  • bathing gown and towels (that saves some space in your luggage)
  • adresses and telephon numbers from chosen partners
  • tips for day trips, taxi, shopping possibilities, restaurants, spa, beach, sun


Fair Holiday Guests

Fair Holiday guests adapt oneself to the country which they visit, especially when it differs in faith, culture and social matters compared to Europe. Our guests respect this way of life, even if some persuasions are not understandable or bearable. Being respectful towards country and citizens means:

  • Clothing and culture are accepted and oneself adjusts to these habits
  • No insulting of locals, since they understand a lot and fell hurt.
  • Give in moderation, because way too much tip also brings the system out of balance

Among other things, wrongdoings of tourists strengthen opinions of extremists! When tourists destroy the oriental culture in the eyes of conservative locals, conservative politician can easily stir up opinions and as a consequence tourists will no longer be allowed to travel to Egypt.

Therfore we would like to win Fair Holiday guests over to this project. We need people who respect and tolerate country and people and their culture. 


Fair Holiday

  • has a customer satisfaction of at least 80%
  • German and/or English language skills
  • offers their guests originality and authenticity
  • supports culture and education of the country